video is the future, video is now

We're fortunate to be the Middle east partner for London based cherrycherry, one of the best post production houses there is. Creating stunning video content which is on brief and on budget, is their speciality. We help deliver from idea to execution.

Here are some of the quality services we can supply with this award winning studio.


Video projection mapping

Transform a building, space or object by using state of the art video projection mapping. Tell a story, educate, heighten senses or simply grab attention and captivate. We create the content and then use the best equipment and team to make your story come to life.

Video Visual FX

From adverts to film and TV, our visual FX unit can make the impossible, possible. We work closely with you to ensure that we are on theme, deliver on time and on budget. Take a look for yourself.

video vfx.jpg



Using high end video content, we can send viewers into the desert, the arctic, a battlefield, surrounded by a brand or simply into another dimension. 360 and Vr content immerse viewers in the content, whilst our amazing AR work literally jumps out at you and into your surroundings.

Animin AR